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Biography MISANTHROPIA 2020

Since the beginning of times when mankind populated this very earth, and later the skies, there were groups that placed themselves above others, and most important: the law at that time.
With violence, money, more money and more violence, quarreling back and forth with each other, their adversaries, they tried to get a foothold in our society.
Some events were so grand, but also filled with such grimness, that one can only add that no one is to be trusted. Family says nothing. Sharing the same blood means nothing. Life means nothing.
This is where the fascination started, as a concept. To them, this is true grimness. The ugliest side of us all. We benefit, yet we look away. It is below our feet, and under our noses.

MISANTHROPIA started out with members from several bands from Gueldrian and Brabantian grounds (NL), but after several line – up changes, a stable one was found in 2014. It was then, that MISANTHROPIA
worked hard to realize OMERTÀ, the first album with this concept. It handled stories about the American underworld from the roaring twenties until the end of The Great War and sometime thereafter.
With their latest addition CONVOY OF SICKNESS, they seem to build upon its predecessor, but the events and stories are from Dutch en Belgian grounds, that occurred during the late seventies until present day.
They worked closely with MIKE WEAD (King Diamond, Mercyful Fate a.o.) and SIMON JOHANSSON (Wolf, Soilwork). From SolnaSound Recording, they are responsible for the sound, mix, and mastering.
After each release, they worked hard to play live extensively, domestic and abroad.

MISANTHROPIA is a symphonic Black Metal band from The Netherlands. Thank you for your time.